Handmade Clover rosette


Measures: 13 cm in diameter
Composition: 100% Cotton Thread
White color

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Take a piece of the most authentic part of Tenerife: the rosette.

These small works of art, declared of Cultural Interest, are handmade by the grandmothers and great-grandmothers of our island for centuries.

The rosette, or also called “Vilaflor lace”, became one of the most important needlework and one of our hallmarks.

There are few people left who do this thorough work, becoming unique pieces.



  • Hand wash cold water without twisting.
  • The use of dryer is not suitable under any circumstances. The right thing is to lay it quite wet.
  • Ironing should be carried out at a relatively mild temperature of approximately 110 degrees and making good use of steam.
  • Lay it on a flat base.


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