Enjoy experiences for your five senses

Laura is an unconventional explorer. She boasts of visiting exclusive spaces, where it seeks local authenticity through gastronomy and culture.

From time to time you need to disconnect, then turn to Vitamin CLB, which is the perfect way to feed your senses. In those moments he caresses his bracelet and sketches a smile. It recovers the memories that make her feel free, her breathing is accompanied, and her muscles relax.

In his fingers he returns to experience the relief of the openwork, and in his hands the warmth of the centennial wood of the balconies. It recalls the cobbled streets of La Orotava, where noise escaped, between winding slopes and centenary roofs.

The effect of Vitamin CLB was forever in Laura’s memory.



  • The House of Los Balcones is located in a privileged area. The surrounding landscapes constitute a powerful attraction for visitors. The Orotava Valley has always been characterized by its impressive landscape crowned by the Teide, for its abundance of waters, its beautiful gardens and its pleasant climate. In addition, the architecture of the houses are already part of the tourist attraction, for its history and the stately air that is breathed when walking through the streets.



  • While strolling through CLB, characteristic smells of rural life arrive and the history that intoxicates the Villa de La Orotava is perceived: the roasting of the adjoining mills, the scented smell of tea wood and the olfactory nuances of Canarian gastronomy more traditional.



  • Canarian cuisine and local wine are a pleasure for the palate. Each visit provides an opportunity to explore the variety of recipes that are made from local products, all of them accompanied by local wines with a maresia and volcano character.



  • The song of the birds, the sound of the water running through the canals, the Canarian songs and the instruments reflecting an identity, become a surprising and memorable soundtrack.



  • A visit to feel in your hands the freshly made clay that is transformed into ceramics, the details of the openwork, the warmth of the tea wood and the resin with four centuries of history. Walk the tradition with the tips of your fingers.