Commitment to the local community

We give value to handmade products by artisans and local producers, thus enhancing local commerce.

Sustainable actions

This set of good tourism practices is based on the development of actions that are part of the circular economy.

We give wellbeing to our clients through the enjoyment of time with tranquility through the senses, always being the protagonist of good practices to promote social, environmental and economic sustainability

Solar panels

  • We use solar panels to supply the houses with sufficient energy thanks to renewable energy, reducing energy consumption.


  • With fewer intermediaries of the products, the distribution of profits is more fair, by choosing these products we contribute to the local economy and encourage the reduction of CO2 emissions produced by freight transport.

Environment Certificate By Aenor

  • We comply with a series of ISO 14001 standards with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment.

Quality certificate

  • We comply with a series of ISO 9001 standards for improvement
    continuous and comprehensive quality in the processes of the company.