What is vitamin CLB?

Vitamin CLB is a dose of tranquility, energy recharge and enjoy leisure time without stress, far from crowds and focused on the delight of the senses.

Each experience has been developed in a unique way, stimulating each of the senses so that visitors and locals approach folklore and tradition in a vivid and real way.

Vitamin CLB is a plan to disconnect the frantic rhythm, from the stress of everyday life. From La Casa de Los Balcones we propose experiences to reconnect with you, to return to the rhythm of life that starts a smile and generates unforgettable memories.

Casa de los balcones

The Casa de Los Balcones is a historic complex of three stately homes that concentrate the spirit of the tradition of northern Tenerife. An environment that preserves keys of Canarian folklore, from architecture to crafts and the use of centennial materials.

The three houses offer different views of the past. Casa Eladia Machado, a 16th-century building, collects a wide sample of Canarian crafts, with examples of the characteristic carpets of volcanic sand of Corpus Christi and typical pottery of the islands.

The House of Balconies, dating from the seventeenth century, offers a trip to the everyday life of the past, through the Museum of Uses and Customs, and is completed with an extraordinary exhibition of the art of draft.

Casa Lercaro, was also erected in the 17th century, and stands out for combining the elegance of its architecture with views of the Valley and the Teide volcano with an exquisite gastronomic proposal.