Commercial terms

VITAMINASCLB.COM offers you a complete, multi-product experience that will put you in touch with different experiences and collaborators. Vitamins CLB is conceived as an online platform dedicated exclusively to the commercialization of tourist experiences under the SLOW philosophy created by the Historic Complex of La Casa de Los Balcones. We design

our own experiences working hand in hand with local suppliers in order to promote the local economy and with it, social, economic and environmental sustainability. We combine products and services with authentic character in a strategic way to create innovative, responsible and attractive experiences.

These General Conditions of Sale apply to transactions made on this Site from the date of publication, and will refer to the products purchased at the time such conditions were available, then remaining in force in everything that in they are available on a permanent basis

The person who purchases a CLB Vitamins experience through the Website is considered a Client, assuming that the Client may or may not be the Beneficiary of the benefit, depending on whether he makes personal use of the CLB Vitamins or that the Buy to give to a third party.

The Client who purchases through the Website must be able to act and contract according to current Spanish legislation.



Commercial name: CLB vitamins

Corporate name: Carlos Schönfeldt Machado with NIF: 41793112L

Address: C / San Francisco, 4 (38300 – La Orotava)


Telephone: +34 922 33 06 29


Way to pay

The payment of the activity will be made online through the VITAMINASCLB.COM website and always in advance, as soon as availability is confirmed. The forms of payment will be the credit card and Paypal.

This purchase is made through TuriTop, an integral platform for the management of reservations, both those made from the website itself, third party websites, from social networks or directly (telephone, email, agency).


Proof of purchase

You will receive instantly in the mail that you provide us with a confirmation that automatically generates the Turitop platform, a proof of purchase.


How to enjoy one of the CLB Vitamins?

As soon as you make your purchase, you will receive in your mail a bonus corresponding to your payment.

This email will serve as proof against the different providers to enjoy their services. They will ask you in the different establishments you visit. With this identifier it will be enough.

To avoid having to print this voucher, (take it on your recommended mobile).


 What do I do if I want an invoice for my Vitamin CLB?

You can request the invoice of any product contracted through our website through the following email inbox: Remember to indicate:

Your reservation locator

Name of the natural person or name of the owner company for the issuance of the invoice


Full address with zip code, city and province

We will send you the invoice through e-mail.


When will I check / confirm the reservation of Vitamin CLB and date?

You will receive an instant confirmation on the screen and in the email you provide at the time of booking. Our system of

Reservations automatically generates a proof of purchase at the time the payment is made. In it you will have all the details of the reservation and the proof of purchase.

It may be that on the date you propose the service you demand is complete, you will be suggested alternative dates or services from which you can choose!


Cancellation Period or Changes

How is a Vitamin CLB canceled?

Contact us through the mail:


How long in advance can I cancel?

If you buy less than a week in advance of the date of the Vitamin CLB: During the first 3 hours after the purchase.

If you buy more than one week in advance of the date of the trail: 48 hours after the purchase.


What happens if you cancel because of the Vitamin CLB partner?

You can choose another date to enjoy your Vitamin CLB

You can choose to change Vitamin CLB

We will refund the amount of the purchased CLB Vitamin


Can I Change the Date of my Vitamin CLB?

Only one change is allowed.

This change is subject to availability.

The change of date must be notified 48 hours in advance.

A maximum period of 30 days will be given to consume the change.

Can I change Vitamin CLB?

It’s not allowed.

Contact email:


Weather conditions

Sometimes, for the safety of our customers we can be forced to close some activity within a CLB Vitamin. This will always happen for reasons beyond the control of but for just cause.

In this case, customers of Vitamins CLB may choose to:

Change the date of the activity to use it any other day within 30 days after the date of the reservation.

Change the activity for another so that you can carry out your activity on the scheduled date.


Complaints, Claims, Opinions, Ideas

From the Historic Complex La Casa de Los Balcones we work intermediating between companies and final customer, so it is the responsibility of each of the collaborating companies to maintain a quality service and in accordance with the offer described. In this sense, it is the service providers during the routes that are solely responsible for its proper functioning. However, we have our claims book available to our customers for any problems that may arise during the purchase process.

You can notify the claim, either by email to: or by mail addressed to: Carlos Schönfeldt Machado, C / San Francisco, 3 (38300 – La Orotava), using, if you wish, the following claim form:


To the attention of: Carlos Schönfeldt Machado.

Calle San Francisco, 3, 38300 La Orotava


Indicate in the claim:

The service:

Acquired the day:

User name:

User Address:

User signature (only if presented on paper):


Reason for the claim / return / withdrawal


Tell us what you think of Vitamins

Your opinions are important, both for us and for the other users of VITAMINAS CLB, share them with everyone through our Tripadvisor profile (Historic Complex La Casa de Los Balcones) or by e-mail to

In the event that you wish we will send your opinion to the collaborator you indicate.

We also give you the photos taken in the photo session of the experience after you share your opinion on Tripadvisor and on our Facebook profile.


Do you have complaints about how you lived your Vitamin CLB and the collaborators?

Complaints or claims that have their origin in the services provided by the provision of a service of one of the collaborators may be directed to said collaborator, but we would appreciate it if you let us know for our improvement.

Use any of the online channels that we propose:


Web form


Do you have comments about the Vitamins CLB platform and its services?

If you want to tell us about the intermediation services provided by, you can contact our company through any of our online communication channels:


Web form


Limitation of Liability

Carlos Schönfeldt Machado reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates of the information contained on the Website, of its configuration and presentation, of the access conditions, contracting conditions, etc. . So the USER must access updated versions of the page.

In no case is Carlos Schönfeldt Machado responsible for any breach of the contract that occurs on his part, negligence with respect to the site, the product sold, the service or any content, for any loss of benefits, loss of use, or actual damages, special, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential of any kind derived from the misuse by you of the tools provided.

Your sole responsibility will be to provide the service in the terms and conditions expressed in this contracting policy.

Carlos Schönfeldt will not be liable for any consequences, damages or losses that may arise from the improper use of the products or services provided. Nor will it be responsible for the lack of fulfillment of the proposed objectives since it is a service subject to multiple variables.


Jurisdiction and applicable laws

Carlos Schönfeldt Machado (The House of Los Balcones) and THE USER, will be governed to resolve any controversy that may arise from the access, or use of this website, by Spanish law, and they are submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Santa Cruz of Tenerife.